LEAVE.FOLLOW.SHINE. is a Church Health and Church Growth Ministry.

We define the church as the global entity the Bible calls the body of Christ and the Kingdom of God which is expressed in local, national, and global contexts.


“To UNITE the global church to GROW the Kingdom of God and CONNECT with a world that needs Gods love.”

We accomplish this by:


  • Partnering with like-minded organizations to advance the Kingdom of God and Shine in the world.
  • Creating forums, systems, and events that bring together the global church around the world. Bringing unity and Kingdom mission to as many countries, states, cities, and communities as we can.
  • SHINE Fellowships


  • Online Distribution of Workbooks & Materials to aid Individuals, Leaders, and the Church in being and making disciples that reach out to the world with the love of Christ.
  • Teaching, Training, and Coaching churches and organizations (Online/In-Person) to be globally minded and locally connected.


  • Work with church, local and government officials, businesses, non-profits, and volunteers to meet the needs of the communities around the world.
  • Connect the global church to the global needs like orphanages, water projects, food supply and distribution, serving widows, stopping human and child trafficking, clothing the naked, and many other Biblical causes our Lord has asked us to participate in.


When it comes to following Jesus (being a disciple) the first and highest calling is to love as Jesus loves. Whenever Jesus called someone to follow Him it always involves leaving something behind in order to demonstrate the love of God. In the Bible we see this play out time and time again.

Practically that means that we do not live for ourselves but we live to reach others with Christs’ love and to multiply His love in communities around the world. Choosing to join Christ in sharing His love wherever we are in this world  will always require us to leave comfort, shyness, selfishness, bitterness, anger, resentment, and whatever it is that holds us back. We leave those behind because Christs’ love is a better way. The Bible says that Jesus is “the way, the truth, and the life”. As Christians we believe this and we follow Him and we love like Him. After all He left everything to love and die for us.

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Once we have left behind the things that have kept us from moving forward we can now engage fully in the life our Father meant for us. Learn what it means to follow Jesus and live a supernatural life with the rest of Gods great family. We at Leave. Follow.Shine. understand that God’s family isn’t meant to hang out in a building but to continue following Jesus as He seeks to love and heal a broken world. In the process of doing this we will discover all that God has intended for us to do and experience in our lives. The more we follow Christ the more love and healing we will give to our broken world.

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Once we have begun to capture the idea of following Jesus we stop hiding the light of Christ inside of us and begin to shine in the world. It becomes natural. Light doesn’t ask to shine, it just does as a result of the source of where it comes from. The brighter the source in our lives the bigger we shine. If the source is Christ and His love for those hurting in this world then we can be sure we are going to have an impact on those we serve and love. Not only is shining the responsibility of every individual that follows Christ is also the responsibility of all Gods family, the global church in a world that desperately needs His love.

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