The Missing Partnership We All Need

Reaching out to communities also means reaching out to businesses in those communities that people utilize for daily life. So many businesses will not make it back from the COVID-19 outbreak.

Not only will some business owners and key personnel suffer financially but another reality is some might succumb to the ravenous Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) that doctors are fighting diligently against each day.

In terms of our communities, that might mean job losses for them and their families. In fact, from the requests coming in to us it is already confirmed that businesses are shutting down and people are struggling to pay their bills. Unemployment offers some help but not immediately and not permanent.

For many business owners a loan will not be enough to save them. In fact, it might be enough to tank them in the end. In some instances, the death of owners and key personnel that run those businesses will inevitably impact all of us. Homes will be lost, lenders will suffer loss, real estate markets will fill with foreclosed inventory.  The ripple effect may be daunting to say the least.

Imagine if a daycare that parents rely on goes out of business. That mechanic you have come to depend on to fix the car you drive to work every day. That grocery store where you shopped for specials all the time. How about that family doctor that couldn’t make it through the pandemic?

Here is where it is important for the church to be the church. Rarely have we seen the church step outside of their membership building strategies to build up their communities, much less have a strategy to help businesses in them survive for the benefit of those that rely on them. Don’t get me wrong, some churches do–but more don’t. I don’t say that as a jab or a right hook to the pastors of those churches. I say that because we work with those churches and they struggle too.

Here is where the disconnect lies. Something that has always been true about the Body of Christ is that it has never been able to fit into a building. The Body of Christ is woven throughout communities across the globe. That perspective has been harder for us to grasp than most would admit.

People are waiting to be connected and mobilized to better their families, their businesses, their communities. Unfortunately, the church has not partnered well in this area.

Can a church partner with businesses during this crisis? Yes. Of course they can–and they should. Here are three ways they can do that.

  1. Reach out to businesses around you and ask how they are doing and what needs they might have.
  2. Mobilize your existing church membership AND community resources to pitch in or help out financially. Often it will take both.
  3. Engage the community around you to rally around those businesses and buy their services and offer volunteer help when necessary.

If you would like to be connected to businesses in your area that need your help and partnership CLICK HERE to let us know and we will connect you.

If you are business owner who is struggling to stay afloat CLICK HERE and let us know so we can connect you with a partner willing to help.

Maybe your business has been a success and you would like to adopt another business or even perhaps a struggling church. That is wonderful! Plenty of room for that too. Let us know how you would like to help by Clicking Here.

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